Ghost Towns of Asia

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In this documentary, in the form of an interactive satellite map, you can zoom in real close on the ancient ruins of Asia and see the actual forts, shrines, palaces and villages that formed the Asia of the past. Zoom in close and check out the ruins of: Al-Hijr, Angor Wat, Bhambore, Chang’an, Gaochang, Hierapolis, Himeji Castle, Jiaohe, Kafir Kot, Mohenjo-daro, Ratnagiri, The Great Wall of China, Tháp Bánh Ít, Troy, Xiyang Lou and others. Some of these locations–like the Black City, Kharakhorum, the ruins of the Guage Kingdom, Bamuqa, the Braij Monastery, Kanou, Merv, Nisa, and the Byzantine city of Der Dahes–are hard to find in Wikipedia and are not on the World Heritage Site list used to locate the majority of the locations in this map. As many locations as possible are linked to an associated Wikipedia page describing the location.