The American Revolution

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In this documentary, in the form of a satellite map, traces the approximately 190 battles and other events of the American Revolution between the years of 1774 through 1784. With it you can zoom in on the actual battle fields, forts, etc., and read linked background information about each battle.

Also included into the chronological date order of the battles is when the following took place:

• 1st Continental Congress
• 2ndContinental Congress
• Thomas Paine’s Pamphlet Common Sense Published
• John Adams’ “Thoughts on Government” Published
• Signing of the Declaration of Independence
• Ben Franklin becomes Ambassador to France
• Articles of Confederation approved for ratification by the states
• Thomas Paine alludes to secret French negotiations
• John Adams joins Franklin in France
• Washington coordinates with the French
• Articles of Confederation were ratified
• John Adams lobbies the Dutch Republic for a loan
• Treaty of Paris
• Adams influences the Constitution via publications
• Ratification of the US Constitution