The Wars of Alexander the Great

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In this documentary, in the form of a satellite map, you can zoom in on the actual cities conquered on Alexander the Great’s way to greatness. Unlike most maps, this map enables you to digitally experience the expedition and zoom in close on each location while you read the eBook online. Alexander’s men rallied behind him through some of the greatest battles of the period, yet at the end they were punished for their resistance to fight on by being forced to travel through the Gedrosian Desert, where Alexander lost three-quarters of his men due to the harsh desert conditions. Some examples of the locations in this map include the Temple of the Oracle at the Quasis of Siwa, the Amphitheatre in Alexandria, the ancient cities of Persepolis and Babylon, and where the Battle of the Persian Gate took place. By activating the 3D terrain mode, and using the compass to rotate and see the horizon, you can view the map with mountains that you can zoom in on in order to understand how Alexander viewed it.

Locations in this map were determined from the following sources:

• Benjamin Ide Wheeler’s book Alexander the Great: The merging of East and West in Universal History.
• A Wikipedia Map of Alexander’s conquest of the Indian Subcontinent
• The Wikipedia Page on the Wars of Alexander the Great