Isabella Lucy Bird's Exploration of the Yangtze River and Beyond (1896)

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In this documentary, in the form of a satellite map, you can zoom in on the 1896 journey of Isabella Lucy Bird as she traveled up the Yangtze River Valley and across the Sze Chuan Plain. Unlike most maps, this map enables you to digitally experience the expedition and zoom in close on each location while you read her eBook online. Bird’s story is a fascinating tale of a woman who was repeatedly attacked by Chinese mobs because she is a foreign-dressed woman being carried in an open chair as she travels in a country steep in its traditions. She is a wonderful and astute writer who describes her surroundings and her encounters. By activating the 3D terrain mode, and using the compass to rotate and see the horizon, you can view the map with mountains that you can zoom in on in order to understand how Bird viewed it.

The locations in this map are determined from her book The Yangtze Valley and Beyond: An account of journeys in China, chiefly in the province of Sze Chuan and among the Man-tze of the Somo territory.”