Shackleton's Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–1917)

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This documentary, in the form of a satellite map, enables you to follow Ernest Shackleton on his troubled 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Unlike most maps, this map enables you to digitally experience the expedition and zoom in close on each location while you read various content online.

With this map you can zoom in on the actual locations were they survived on moving ice floes and an uninhabited island after their ship was crushed in ice and sank; and see where they traveled 800 miles across the stormy South Ocean in a life-boat.

Please note: When using the aerial base map, the ship symbols along the coast in the lower right-hand corner appear to be on land; even though they are at their correct coordinate locations. However, if you switch to use the ocean floor base map you will see that the ship is actually 20 miles or more off the coast. Thus what appears to be land is actually drifting ice that has surrounded the ship. This block of ice locks the ship in place and moves the ship to other locations as it continues to drift, until the ice becomes so inflexible that it crushes the ship’s hull, forcing the crew to abandon ship.

The locations and coordinates were obtained from the following sources:

• Project Guttenberg’s eBook South! The Story of Shackleton’s Last Expedition 1914-1917, by Sir Ernest Shackleton
• Wikipedia’s page on the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
• Wikipedia’s page on Ernest Shackleton