Mass Whale Stranding Sites

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This documentary, in the form of a satellite map, traces the beached whale strandings that made headline news around the world. Note how certain locations are magnets for such activity, recurring over and over again. Places like New Zealand, Chatham Island and Tasmania, representing more whale deaths in one concentrated area than anywhere else in the world. If you zoom in on each location, you will discover that there appears to be a pattern of geological features associated with these phenomena.

The links associated with each location tell of the human efforts to save these beached whales. In some cases they succeeded, in others they could not stop the carnage. Some of incidents involve between 150 and 200 whales. Some have an association with Navy sonar, while others are claimed to have a relationship with undersea earthquakes, or a disruption of the magnetic field. Whatever the case, these whales feared something so terrifying they left the water knowing they would die once they left the ocean.

- The whale stranding locations were determined from Google searches from news and other articles about mass whale stranding. New Zealand is one of the main locations for whale and dolphin (cetacean) strandings. Records of strandings have been kept since 1840. Keep in mind that the statistics are limited due the the lifespan of the internet. The undersea earthquake information, in regard to whale strandings, is from the web site by Capt. David Williams -