The El Niño Zone

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This documentary, in the form of a satellite map, accounts for everything you want to know about the El Niño Zone. Like weather changes, the Galapagos volcanic hotspot, changes in Thermohaline Circulation from Deep Current to Surface Current, the Westerly Winds, the submarine topography, disease outbreaks, food shortages, famine and cultural uprisings. I created this map because I discovered that no map to date put all these factors together in one resource. Thus, this map will give you a better understanding of the factors involved in the El Niño Zone. Two interesting observations the image below shows: 1) the west traveling clouds within the El Niño Zone dissipate just as they approach the point where the Deep Sea Thermohaline Current changes to Thermohaline Surface Current. 2) within the zone are the Galapagos Hotspot and the Galapogos Rift, Ventura and Meyibó hydrothermal vents.