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This documentary, in the form of a satellite map, attempts to make sense of the data on the internet about the effectiveness of gun control used by either side of the issue. The data reported covers the Gun Law Score Card Rating system, each state’s population, the volume of guns in each state, the number and percentage of gun owners in each state, the murder and firearm mortality rates, suicide rate increases, and whether or not the state had a mass school shooting and/or domestic terrorism event. It also includes state and national statistics on use of a firearm in domestic violence. Each state placemark icon reflects its Gun Law Score Card rating. With this map you will see how gun laws in some states are very effective in controlling gun violence while others are not. How states that have minimal gun control laws are equally effective, while others are not. For example, Louisiana has minimal gun laws and 44% gun ownership, yet it has one of the highest firearm mortality rates in the nation. While California, which has gun laws and 21% gun ownership has a firearm mortality rate of 7.9. Yet both states, along with 29 other states, have no solution for domestic terrorism use of a gun, mass school shootings or the wide use of a firearm in domestic violence. So having all those guns in Louisiana made no difference. So to help make sense of all this data I set up some comparisons of large states, and small states for an apple-to-apple comparison and I indicated which state has the largest population with the strictest gun laws and the least gun owners and the state with the most gun owners, minimal gun laws and the least gun laws.

There is a lot of misleading data online from both sides of the issue and not a lot of accurate tracking of guns nationally or locally and yet its has become a big problem. So it is time that we as a nation find a compromise between the 2nd Amendment rights of 32% of the population that are gun owners and the rights of the 68% that are not gun owners and the needs of Rural America vs. Urban America.


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