Amistad Slave Route and Revolt

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This documentary, in the form of a satellite map, recounts adversities that faced the Amistad slaves from their capture in Sierra Leone, to their journey across the Atlantic, their revolt against their captors, their interactions with American religious leaders and scholars, and their subsequent trial in the United States Supreme Court. It is an account of horrible atrocities, greed, and the rebound of the American abolitionist movement. It also involves the American willingness to help the oppressed, and the gratitude and character of the Amistad slaves One of the interesting things about this map is that contains locations of the Sierra Leone communities of 11 of the Amistad slaves based on the biographical information their American religious teachers were able to obtain from the slaves.

The locations and information were obtained from the eBooks

• The History of the Amistad Captives by E.L. & J.W. Barber • The Amistad Revolt: struggle for freedom By John Warner Barber and Arthur Abraham.