The rise, fall, and migration of civilization due to climate change

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This documentary, in the form of a satellite map, traces the rise, fall and migration of civilization due to climate change. While climate change and migration are currently hot issues due the global warming debate, they have been around since the beginning of mankind. I did my best to find as many ancient examples as possible. Examples include the emergence of complex societies like the Hominin evolution, Anasazi society, Akkadian civilization, Easter Island civilization, the Han dynasty, the Shan dynasty, the Mayan civilization, the Nose Greenland civilization, the Mongol Invasion, the Harappa civilization, and a lot of more modern migrations. The intent of this map is to counter all the political rhetoric on either side concerning climate change with historical proof that it has occurred many times throughout the existence of mankind. As you will see, some of the migrations were the result of war due to climate change, others mass migrations due to drought, and still others were short-term employment to survive after an extreme weather event that collapsed the local economy like a hurricane or typhoon. On the other hand, many resulted in the complete collapse of a society. Some involved human participation in causing the climate change either by over-population, over-development, or deforestation. Others there were the result of plate tectonics.

The research behind this list links white papers by such universities as:

• (no longer available) • • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute