Commercial Aviation Crashes (1961-1970)

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In this documentary, in the form of a satellite map, is the 2nd of a 7–part series of maps covering the growth of commercial aviation worldwide. With this map you can zoom in on the locations of the commercial aviation crashes from 1961 through 1970. These for the most part were the first decade of the use of low by-pass jet engines. There were as many aviation crashes in the 1960s alone as there were in the 40 years prior and about 9% of the crashes shown in this map seemed to happen in pairs. The linked Wikipedia pages tell of mid-air collisions, nose dives, disappearances, mountain crashes, take-off failures, disastrous landings, planes lost at sea, death, and the ability of some humans to survive horrific crashes. During this period there were several bombings and hijackings that I deliberately did not include because I did not want idolize the terrorists.

Some of the really weird observations you will make include:

• Two crashes within 14 days of each other at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport in November 1967. • Two crashes at the Tokyo International Airport within 30 days. • Two crashes within 5 days of each other in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Los Angeles, CA in January of 1969. • Two crashes within 13 days at the Bradford Regional Airport in January of 1969.

The locations and coordinates were obtained from the following:

• Wikipedia’s List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft • Aviation Safety Network