Commercial Propeller-Driven Airplane Crashes (1920-1960)

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This documentary, in the form of a satellite map, is the 1st of a 7–part series of maps covering the growth of commercial aviation worldwide. With this map you can locate the historic commercial aircraft crashes involved in the first 40 years of commercial airline flight. From the first crash of Handley Page O/400 biplane in 1920, to the National Airlines Flight 967 crash of a Douglas DC-7B in 1959. Even where Amelia Earhart’s famous flight ended. Other planes covered include the Lady Be Good, and the New York air disaster of 1960. These were the days before all the high tech instrumentation used today. These were the propeller-driven planes flown before the use of low by-pass jet engines. The linked Wikipedia pages tell of mid-air collisions, nose dives, disappearances, mountain crashes, take-off failures, disastrous landings, planes lost at sea, death, and the ability of some humans to survive horrific crashes.

The locations and coordinates were obtained from the following

• Wikipedia’s List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft • Aviation Safety Network