Middle Atmosphere MST, MF, LF, and Meteor Wind Radars

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MST Radars measure line-of-sight neutral winds and turbulence.

These are:
1. MST data from Arecibo, Puerto Rico (18.35N, 66.75W). Data from 1989 are in the CEDAR Data Base. The radar has been in operation since 1979. The contact person is Qihou Zhou. The Arecibo Observatory is operated by Cornell University under an agreement with the NSF.

2. MST data from Poker Flat, Alaska (65.13N, 147.46W). Data from 1979-1985 are in the CEDAR Data Base. The radar operated between 1979 and 1985 and form 1985-1987. The contact person is Anthony Riddle. The Poker Flat MST radar was operated by NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory with support from NSF.

MF Radars measure neutral winds and are averaged over several days and analyzed in terms of harmonics. Derived parameters are the harmonic analyses of the neutral winds.