Fracking Cavern Field, Etzel, Germany

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IVG Caverns has developed its cavern storage site at the Etzel site for the past four decades. Caverns tenants include renowned companies in the energy industry and public oil storage organisations. The oil and gas volumes stored underground represent an important contribution to a secure and stable energy supply of Germany and Western Europe.

At the moment, the cavern system currently comprises 73 caverns (24 for crude oil, 49 for natural gas) with a total capacity of 46 million m³ (July 2014).

In 2008, the IVG Cavern Fund for institutional investors was launched with a total of 70 caverns. IVG counts among the investors while also acting as fund manager and cavern operator.

The cavern storage Etzel near Wilhelmshaven is connected to the European energy grid by natural gas and oil pipelines. The caverns are used by storage customers to cover peaks in consumption, as interim storage for import deliveries, and in particular for the storage of the strategic oil reserves of several countries in Western Europe.

Provided by Anonymous ClimateViewer from Germany who was concerened about drinking water and agricultural impacts of fracking wells. • [ä] website no longer available