50 Nuclear Nightmares (Hibakusha Worldwide)

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Originally created by Dr. Alex Rosen, Hibakusa 'explosion-affected people' Worldwide

The exhibition “Hibakusha Worldwide” is dedicated to the millions of people whose lives have been affected by the nuclear industry: Indigenous people whose homes were turned into nuclear wastelands by uranium mining, downwinders of the nuclear weapons tests, the survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the people affected by radioactive fallout from civil and military nuclear accidents and nuclear meltdowns. All of these people would all be better off, if the uranium had been left in the ground.

The survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are called “Hibakusha”. Many have dedicated their lives to the fight for a better world. By telling their stories, they are working for a world with “No more Hibakusha”. All over the world, people are following their courageous example and are starting to tell their stories. As physicians, we are advocates of our patients, so we consider it our duty to support them in this struggle. That is why we picked 50 places from around the world, where the nuclear industry has caused environmental and health problems. We have carefully researched each one and now present the summary of the scientific evidence that exists in form of this poster exhibition. It is important to realize that this exhibition is not meant to be comprehensive. Beside these 50 places, there are many more all over the world which would just as well deserve to be in this exhibition. These posters are illustrations of the problem. They are meant to raise questions, to demonstrate connections and to show the extent to which we, as a human race have caused harm to our planet and to our health. - IPPNW Poster Exhibition Hibakusha Worldwide