2615 Nuclear Detonations and Test Explosions

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“Nuclear testing database” Initially compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston

Recompiled and updated by Lyle McElhaney, [email protected] Version 3.3 (1 Jan 2012) for Google Earth, submitted to the GEC

Includes locations for known nuclear detonations, known zero-yield events (safety tests, hydronuclear/subcritical tests), and anomalies, including known chemical tests in test areas. Includes nuclear test site boundaries and some craters, and points of interest. Multiple detonations within a single nuclear test are shown separately.

Based on listings from http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/nuclear/tests/index.html (databases © 2001-2009 by W. R. Johnston) and amended by Lyle McElhaney

Options Selected:

  • Nuclear detonations:
    • with associated chemical explosions
    • with cancellations and abortions
  • Project Plowshare:
    • without associated chemical explosions
    • without cancellations and abortions
  • Vela Uniform associated tests
Created by lmctke

Further amended by Jim Lee, 2013


Nuclear Explosion

Nuclear Explosion

Aerial or High Altitude Explosion

Aerial or High Altitude Explosion