10 Most Radioactive Locations on Earth

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Do you know the dirty side of the nuclear industry? After researching this article by brainz.org, we were shocked to find out how truly awful our radioactive waste problem is and how it is going to be hurting us all, for a long time to come. Please take the time to read the links below, share this with your friends, and discuss solutions to these problems. ~ Jim Lee, ClimateViewer News

This list is not a definitive TOP TEN, it is simply ten very disgusting examples of nuclear warfare against the citizens of this world. CV News is attempting to compile a top twenty list, help us out by submitting your “most radioactive” links here.

While the 2011 earthquake and worries surrounding Fukushima have brought the threat of radioactivity back into the public consciousness, many people still don’t realize that radioactive contamination is a worldwide danger. Radionuclides are in the top six toxic threats as listed in the 2010 report by The Blacksmith Institute, an NGO dedicated to tackling pollution. You might be surprised by the locations of some of the world’s most radioactive places — and thus the number of people living in fear of the effects radiation could have on them and their children.

The Top Ten List (covered in this map)

  • 10. Hanford, USA
  • 9. The Mediterranean
  • 8. The Somalian Coast
  • 7. Mayak Chemical Combine, Russia
  • 6. Sellafield, UK
  • 5. Siberian Chemical Combine
  • 4. The Polygon, Kazakhstan
  • 3. Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyzstan
  • 2. Chernobyl, Ukraine
  • 1. Fukushima, Japan
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