ICAO Flight Navigation Aids (VOR/NDB)

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The Tiny Flight Tracker/Viewer (TFTV) is a program that permits, via the FSUIPC (FS9,FSX,P3D) or XPUIPC (X-plane) modules, an automated, simple and precise recording of many relevant flight parameters. The recorded parameters may then be loaded and displayed as tabular data as well as in Google Earth (with all flight data via the balloons) by the Tiny Flight Viewer application that is a highly customizable application. Provided software is portable and doesn’t require an installation. It could be of particular interest for displaying and analyzing retrospectively any flight completed with any Flight Simulator application (own check, blogs, forums, virtual airlines reports, virtual organization exams, etc..).

Google Earth world navaids and intersections

Google Earth world navaids is a kmz file built from latest AIRAC including all navaids (with proper ICAO icons and information) to be used with Google Earth

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