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This nowCOAST time-enabled map service provides maps depicting the geographic coverage of the latest NOAA/National Weather Service (NWS) WATCHES, WARNINGS, ADVISORIES, and STATEMENTS for long-duration hazardous weather, marine weather, hydrological, oceanographic, wildfire, air quality, and ecological conditions which may or are presently affecting inland, coastal, and maritime areas. A few examples include Gale Watch, Gale Warning, High Surf Advisory, High Wind Watch, Areal Flood Warning, Coastal Flood Watch, Winter Storm Warning, Wind Chill Advisory, Frost Advisory, Tropical Storm Watch, Red Flag Warning, Air Stagnation Warning, and Beach Hazards Statement. (A complete list is given in the Background Information section below.) The coverage areas of these products are usually defined by county or sub-county boundaries. The colors used to identify the different watches, advisories, warnings, and statements are the same colors used by the NWS on their map at The NWS products for long-duration hazardous conditions are updated in the nowCOAST map service approximately every 10 minutes.

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