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Drilling accident leads to massive sinkhole, town under threat.

Bayou Corne Sinkhole

Ground Gives Way, and a Louisiana Town Struggles to Find Its Footing


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Of worthy note:

From the book “Salt-A World History” by Mark Kurlansky, Publisher Penguin Books Regarding Cheshire Salt Mines near Liverpool England (1800’s to early 1900’s.)

[P. 321-324] “The strange sinkholes that had been sporadically appearing in the eighteenth century had become…a regular phenomenon….The brine makers tried to continue blaming the sinkholes on the rock salt miners, … it became obvious that the location of the sinkholes bore no relation to the locations of mine shafts, and as sinking became more frequent, there were not enough shafts to explain the number of occurrences.

On the other hand there was an exact correlation between the increase in brine production and the increase in sinkholes…By 1880 400 buildings had been destroyed or damaged in Northwich alone.”

“The truth was too much brine was being pumped from underneath Cheshire … as brine was removed, fresh groundwater took its place, and this water would absorb salt until the brine was once again one-fourth salt.

The problem was that if large quantities of freshwater that hungrily absorbed considerable amounts of salt were removed, they were replaced with large quantities of freshwater that hungrily absorbed considerable amounts of salt. Once that started happening, the freshwater began eroding the natural salt pillars that supported the space between the salt rock and the surface. When a pillar collapsed, the earth above it sank.

But even in the nineteenth century, when this process was understood, it was difficult to know whom to blame. The area around a saltworks might remain solid even though the brine it was pumping was causing the earth to collapse four miles away. Two or three other saltworks, though closer to the hole than the culprit, might have caused no damage at all.” [The book also has a bit of info on nuclear waste storage in salt domes on pg. 439]

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