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DIGISONDE® Station List, UMass Lowell Space Science Lab

Lowell Digisonde International manufactures and markets the Digisonde-Portable-Sounder-4D (DPS4D), the latest model in the DIGISONDE® series of advanced ionosondes built in Lowell since 1969. The Digisonde is an ionospheric radar that uses high-frequency radio waves for the remote sensing of the ionosphere, the ionosonde technology pioneered by Sir Edward Appleton in the late 1920s. DIGISONDE stands for “Digitally Integrating Goniometric IonoSONDE”. The DPS4D is the only commercially available ionosonde system that measures all parameters of the ionospherically reflected HF radio signals, and automatically calculates the local ionospheric electron density profile in real time.

Digisonde Network Map


Electromagnetic Radar Space Weather Modification

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