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We have all seen abandoned ships in movies, well here is your chance to zoom in close and see the hundreds of abandoned and decommissioned ships actually are. Places like Alang, India Ship Breaking Graveyard , the Aral Sea, Nouadhibou in Mauritania, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyin Russia, Staten Island in New York, Suisun Bay in California, near Chernobyl in Russia, Chittagong in Bengladesh, Gadani Beach in Pakistan Mallows Bay in Maryland, USA, Sable Island, and more. One of the problems of creating such a map is that as the satellite scans are updated, the ships tend to disappear over time due to weather or scraping. But new abandoned ships appear as well in the same locations nearby. Some of the locations like in the Aral Sea now show markings in the ground where a ship had been when I plotted it. Also some areas have since been blurred out due to government interference. In either case there are still lots of abandoned ships to see.


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George Stiller, MyReadingMapped™

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