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“Nuclear testing database” Initially compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston

Recompiled and updated by Lyle McElhaney, Version 3.3 (1 Jan 2012) for Google Earth, submitted to the GEC

Includes locations for known nuclear detonations, known zero-yield events (safety tests, hydronuclear/subcritical tests), and anomalies, including known chemical tests in test areas. Includes nuclear test site boundaries and some craters, and points of interest. Multiple detonations within a single nuclear test are shown separately.

Based on listings from (databases © 2001-2009 by W. R. Johnston) and amended by Lyle McElhaney

Options Selected:

  • Nuclear detonations:
    • with associated chemical explosions
    • with cancellations and abortions
  • Project Plowshare:
    • without associated chemical explosions
    • without cancellations and abortions
  • Vela Uniform associated tests
Created by lmctke

Further amended by Jim Lee, 2013


Nuclear Explosion

Nuclear Explosion

Aerial or High Altitude Explosion

Aerial or High Altitude Explosion



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Jim Lee, ClimateViewer News

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