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In this documentary, in the form of a satellite map, you can explore the oceanic trenches and other undersea phenomena, 240 locations of zones in order to give you a better understanding of what is under the sea. I even included some whale beaching sites, and definitions and color coding within the map. In addition, there are some unique things you can do with this map. 1) You have a choice of two base maps: aerial and mid-ocean ridges, oceanic plateaus, oceanic basins, abyssal plains, submarine volcanoes, submarine canyons, fracture zones and submarine earthquake ocean floor. Both enable you to see what is underwater. However, the ocean floor base map contains information that confirms many of the locations plotted. 2) By activating the 3D terrain mode, and using the compass to rotate and see the horizon, you can view either base map with submarine mountains in order to understand the terrain.

The locations were determined from Wikipedia’s List of submarine topographical features.


Oceanic Trenches mid-ocean ridges oceanic plateaus oceanic basins abyssal plains submarine volcanoes submarine canyons fracture zones submarine earthquakes interactive map map 3D map educational self-learning individual learning

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George Stiller, MyReadingMapped™

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